BLM Employees' Webinars

Woods Institute is offering a webinar for BLM Employees on the results of the 2020 elections. The effects that the new 117th Congress and accompanying Administration will have on the BLM in general, and those to be faced specifically by BLM in your state(s), will be outlined. For five years Woods Institute has delivered webinars on the policy process in Washington, DC, tailored to its clients, through the WebEx portal. BLM staff from all 11 states and the Eastern Region have previously participated. The information provided in these webinars is vital to the work of field staff. Courses given by this means in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic enable participants to stay informed and close to home. This seminar will also address the competencies of External Awareness, Political Savvy, and Partnering included in the OPM Leadership Competencies. This hour and a half webinar will cover: * Key Players in the White House and on Capitol Hill with influence over the BLM * A review of the House and Senate Committees with Jurisdiction over the BLM’s issues * The makeup of your states' Congressional delegations—new people as well as the incumbents * How to Work with Congress